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Who We Are

Hi, I am Ben Patterson and I have been here in Riverside County as a mainstay in the construction of everything from new housing to quality driven remodels. While I could go on forever about what I have done and where it is let's both just admit very few people in this trade survive 36 years unless they deliver the goods. I am straight forward man and as such when we speak you'll notice you'll get my number and will find when you call I answer. I am a licensed General Contractor my work portfolio is voluminous and my reference list long. But all that goes nowhere unless you contact me and we speak and go over your hopes and dreams for your home. It is that which drives me along with being proud that after all this time I still provide the same craftsmanship you will always want in your plans. So call me (909) 227-4193 or click get the estimate below and fill out the form so I can be better prepared when we meet. I am in the business of giving value for your hard earned dollar.